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Single Grain Scotch Whisky

Single Grain Whisky is Scottish whisky that has been matured by one single distillery, using any cereal. Barley, rye, wheat, corn and various other cereals can be used, and can be malted or unmalted.

The main difference between single grain and single malt is that single grain whiskies do not have to be produced from malted barley. In Scotland, to be called a single malt, whisky must be created using barley and water whereas single grain whisky can be made from any cereal such as corn or rye, and they can be malted or unmalted. Additionally, single grain whiskies are generally distilled in continuous stills, otherwise known as Coffey stills. However, single malt whiskies must be distilled in pot stills. Due to these differentiations in the process, single grain whiskies tend to be much lighter and sweeter in flavour.

At Loch Lomond, our single grain is distilled in our continuous still using 100% malted barley, which is very rare for a single grain, as most would use other cereals such as rye or corn. This results in a smooth and sweet spirit with an added complexity not usually found in single grain whisky. You can expect a delicate flavour profile of crisp green apple, creamy vanilla and soft fruits.