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Loch Lomond 45 Year Old Single Malt

This 45 Year Old single malt whisky is the first of three releases in The Remarkable Stills series, which celebrates our innovative and unique straight-neck pot stills.

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45 Year Old Single Malt Whisky

Our stills, which are unique to Loch Lomond, give our distillers more control of the type of spirit produced, allowing for greater separation of flavours, helping to create the distinct fruity characters that Loch Lomond has become famous for. Distilled in 1973, the whisky has been matured in American oak casks, before finishing in a first-fill oloroso sherry cask to add a distinct sweet flavour.

This whisky showcases flavours of red apple, pear, tropical fruits and honey. On the nose, the expression presents floral scents, before offering notes of orange blossom and melted brown sugar. The finish is long, and presents waves of warming cinnamon spice and tart green fruits. Bottled at 42.2% and non-chill filtered.

The liquid is presented in a Loch Lomond premium bottle, complete with a debossed copper plaque, and enclosed in a beautifully crafted oak wood box designed to mirror the design of the Loch Lomond straight neck pot stills. Only 200 individually numbered bottles have been released, making it one of our rarest expressions to date.

Michael's Tasting Notes:


Very floral – orange blossom and honeysuckle with ripe peach and melted brown sugar.


Opens on a honeyed sweetness, orchard fruit of red apple and pear before the intensity lifts to tropical fruit of melon and kiwi with lime citrus.


Long with tart green fruit, gooseberry, and waves of warming cinnamon spice.


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